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Hey guys,
I just updated my p8p67 mobo to the new revision (after the intel recall)
but I also updated my ATI drivers (I have a Radeon 4850)

One thing I noticed is that anytime I play a video (youtube, or other players...i think anything associated with a flash player) that it freezes up firefox or chrome.
The screen is green and there is no video but the audio works before the browser freezes.

When I looked it up, I found that if I disable the Hardware acceleration under the adobe flash player settings it works again (I can see the video and it doesn't freeze the browser)

Anyone else experiencing this with an ATI Radeon Vid Card? Perhaps it's the new driver? Should I consider uninstalling the driver and using an older one?

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  1. I'm using ati 4890 and there is no such problem even with hardware acc. enabled in flash videos.I'm using catalyt ver 11.4.I suggest you to update the adobe flash player.
  2. Try to update flash or uninstall and reinstall.
  3. When I was looking at uninstalling program via control panel, I noticed what my Adobe Flash Player 10 Plugin is the most updated version (
    but the Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX is

    would this affect anything? If so, how do I update just the ActiveX?
  4. ActiveX doesn't affect flash video playback.What is version of driver you are using??
  5. I have AMD Catalyst 11.5

    One thing I did forget to mention is that on the P8P67 board, I have the video card in the secondary PCI slot because the primary one is blocked by my giant heat sink fan (Scythe Mugen 2)
    would this effect anything?
  6. You should use the blue slot not the black slot i.e. the slot closer to CPU.Also I would like to mention that the black slot runs at max x4 mode.
  7. sayantan> would it actually cause my errors and problems with flash tho?
    the vid card isn't in the primary slot because my heat sink covers it lol

    is it serious enough that I should go fanless on my heatsink? o.O
  8. No it shouldn't cause any problems with flash.Play some games and run some benchmarks and compare the results with other computers.Since you are using x4 mode ,the performance would take some hit.Expect 5-10% lower.If the benches are as expected then I think you should consider changing the driver to 11.4.

    You don't have to go fanless. :) You can always use something like this:
    find something cheaper $52 seems a bit high.
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