New Video Card here is what It's down too....

Alright will be ordering a new video card here in the next few days to replace my dying 9800gt. My specs are:

DFI Lanparty p35 trs motherboard
4gb crucial ballistix
e4500 core 2 duo overclocked to 3.0
etasis 750w power supply
cm690 cooler master case

I Basically want to only spend up to around $150 and get a card that supports dx11. The cards I am looking at now are:

Sapphire 5830 Extreme $109.99
Zotac 460 GTX 156.99/126.99 with rebate
HIS radeon 6850 $164.99/149.99 with rebate
EVGA 550ti 141.99/121.99 with rebate

I run a 22" monitor and game at 1650x1050. I do not game on my computer all that much as I have a ps3 also but If I have to get a new card I want to make it an upgrade from my 9800gt and be able to run the newest games if I choose to play them on pc plus I watch alot of HD video. Also I want to add that I will probably be overclocking card also.

Any Thoughts on what would be my best bang for the buck and if I left another choice out please let me know thanks....
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  1. Wow, an Etasis PSU, very nice! My vote goes for the 460 1GB.
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