Cant log in my windows 7 computer after removing it from domain to workgroup


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  1. You have to use a local account name and password, the one from the domain won't work any more because it's no longer a member of the domain.
  2. yep, you will have to type in the localmachinename\username to get things back to normal. Most likely an Administrator acct. with a password.
  3. Actually on a workgroup or standalone machine you don't need to use the "computername\" prefix with the account name. You only need that on a machine that's a member of a domain when you want to tell it that you're logging on to a local account instead of a domain account.

    Of course if the machine still THINKS it's supposed to be in the domain (i.e., if by "removed from the domain" the OP means it was disconnected from the domain network but not actually demoted to a workgroup machine) then yes, he will need to use the prefix.
  4. If you do not know the local administrators password, you may need to use a Linux Boot disk to reset the PWD.

    Here is one example:
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