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USB game controller keeps disconnecting and reconnecting by itself

I been using a Logitech dual action controller and a PS3 dual shock 3 with motion joy drivers of course with great success for years now recently both controllers work for 5-20 minutes then disconnect sometimes reconnecting automatically too,,, thought maybe a bad cord connect ect.,,,,.checked drivers tested ok,working.controllers are recognized too.i tried different USB ports same problem.....the driver used to auto load and install every time i plugged it in which i thought was weird.uninstalling it isn't highlighted as an option i tried....i built the pc but im no expert.--

any help greatly appreciated .... :hello:

ASUS--P5Q Pro turbo

intel Quad 9400

PC power and cooling 750watt

HD 4890 xt 1GB
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  2. lol,it was my first guess ....the Logitech cable was shorting out ,a thin internal ground wire was frayed ..

    My PS3 controller had a loose micro usb connection that kept shorting it too which made me think it was a PC issue not a cord .

    Thanx for reply choco ! i triple checked the cord by wiggling it until i found the short....spliced it it works ...thanx.
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