SOLVED GPU fan stays on when I put my computer to sleep

Hey everyone. I have a brand new motherboard, CPU and memory and now when I put the computer to sleep, my ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series graphics card does not. Instead, the fan stays running and the blue LEDs stay on. I did not have this problem before, with my old Motherboard and CPU. On my old setup, I woul boot the computer and the fan on the card would rev up high for a few seconds, then settle to a typical speed. On my new setup, this doesn't happen and the fan stays on when I put the computer to sleep. I am running a Biostar H61MU3B motherboard. The BIOS is by American Megatrends. Due to the nature of the behavior, I have a hunch that it is an issue with a BIOS setting, however I do not know what setting(s) to alter to fix this behavior. Any suggestions anybody?
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  1. SOLVED. I changed the setting "ACPI Sleep State" to "S3 Suspend to RAM" and it fixed the problem. Everything now sleeps as normal.
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