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My Windows 7 PC is freezing during simple tasks such as the following: Viewing a video via XBMC, Copying a file from one 2TB HDD (C:\) to another 2TB HDD (E:\), to simply downloading an item from SABNZB. The freezing occurs on whatever it is doing at the time. As for the video freezing, I may hear a quick looping sound until I manually shut it down. As for the file copy... I let it go for a lengthy period of time after it frozen and confirmed that the files are still not copying fully, so it isn't a signal issue. As for the SAB downloading, the downloading just continues where it last left off after the freeze.

My freezing has led me to want to start troubleshooting various things. Memory was an area someone mentioned to me so I downloaded memtestx86, made a bootable flash drive, and changed bios to boot to it. After this was done, there were no memory issues. I then tried doing chkdsk /r from Run prompt and let this go overnight. I woke up to my computer booted up but no more E:\... this leads me to my next side issue as a result of troubleshooting my first.

My E:\ is missing now and I tried swapping SATA ports with my DVD drive. My bios or OS do NOT recognize my 2TB E:\ that it once did. I will try setting back my bios to manufacturer default if that's a choice when I get home. If this doesn't work, I will try the same cables into my other PC and hope its not a HDD issue.

If anyone has any ideas (more so for my first issue) on how I could go about diagnosing the issue (steps, software, etc.), I would appreciate it.
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    If you have tested your Memory and you are certain you do not have an HDD issue. I would try to repair windows 7, If this also fails i would format and reinstall to eliminate your Win7 as the culprit.

    **Always save your info on an external drive. ALWAYS!

    This way if you get a virus or destroy your HDD doing whatever you can easily reinstall and be on your way quickly. I have an image of my machine, and store everything externally. When I run into issues such as yours I don’t even bother trying to resolve it… just format and install image, im back up in the hour.
  2. I tried updating my bios and tried using known working SATA power/data cables to my HDD. Unfortunately, the bios and OS still cannot see my E:\ HDD.

    I probably should have made a backup considering every little intricate area I configured needs to stay as such, but I didn't really plan for my computer not recognizing my other HDD.

    The issue where my HTPC is freezing is not really occurring anymore because my second HDD isn't being recognized at all. I need to use the disk space on it so I need to figure this out.

    Any ideas?
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