Upgrading a Samsung RV511 Graphics Gard

Have a Samsung RV511 laptop w/ Intel(R)HD Graphics (Core i3) card. Max resolution 1366x768. Want to upgrade to a Dell SR2320L widescreen monitor for mainly movies and spreadsheet work, not for gaming. Any recommendations for a graphics card upgrade to support the higher resolution? I've been told by Samsung that upgrading the card will void the warranty because it is "integral" with the morther board. True?
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  1. yes, you can very rarley upgrade graphic in built graphics chips. They are built into the motherboard and are not a seperate peice of hardware. Your inbuilt graphics solution is more than enough to handle a HD resolution if all you are doing is wathcing films and doing spreadsheets. Please try google-ing sometimes before you ask a question though. It really would save my time.

  2. @adam... You didnt have to reply, please turn off your computer before you make pointless remarks, it would really save my time.

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