Amd phenom II x5 1090t clock speed 3210.6 mhz at start up and idle?

Hi just the other day noticed my cpu was acting weird. I can hear the stock fan loud and clear and it doesn't sound good. I just recently put a new replacement heat sink on from amd. Any one else ever had a problem were from what it looks like your cpu core speed is being maxed out at idle? My problem is it wont go down from x16 3210.6 mhz iam scared my cpu is screwed.
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  1. Its very frustrating To see it acting like this please someone look at the link. If you have the same cpu telling me what to enter manually in the biso might help.
  2. This is normal unless you have AMD's "cool n quiet" enabled and nothing to worry about.
  3. I do have amd cool and quite enabled my cpu fan is making odd humming noise low but still weird none the less. I reset my bios to defaults still nothing Iam used to the cpu running at x8 lower freq then going up when it needs to not x16 maxed out freq at idle =/??/?
  4. use balanced power plan in power option in control panel
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