It's been a while, need Gaming PC build advice

Hello Fellow PC builders!

Its been a few years since i last built a pc and I'm looking to build a gaming pc in order to play SW:TOR. The one i have currently looks like its on its way under and I'm going to build in order to save some money. I've picked out some components but would like your opinions of whether I've made a good choice or if something else would be better. I'm on a budget since a new wee one is on its way and need to spend under $600. The following is what I currently have:

Video card
Power Supply

I'm currently sitting at 635.00, 615 after rebate.

Any help is appritiated!!!
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  1. Stay away from Apevia PSU's they have a very bad reputation. You only need a quality 500watt unit for your specs. Example
    For gaming a faster X4 is going to outperform the X6 so X4 955/65BE would be a better choice with possible a stronger GPU.
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    Case: newegg is running a sale of the Antec 300 illusion as well, worth a look not that the destroyer is a bad case $59.99 ( before $10 MIR )

    HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB will do fine and is about the fastest, most reliable drive out there $59.99

    Change CPU to: Phenom II x4 955 BE - save $60 just as good for you and much less cost ($109.99 after CC )

    Going with an AM3+ board gives you an upgrade path Asrock 970 Extreme 4 would be great, but they are out of stock atm $104.99
    gives you Crossfire support and everything else the asus board does but at a nice price.

    If going with AM3 the Asrock 870 Extreme 3 is a nice board at $89.99. Same thing support for Crossfire otherwise all the same as for the Asus board but cheaper.

    Video Card:
    with the money saved from the CPU, just pop in a 6870. Nice improvement over the 6850.

    Go with a quality psu from Antec, Corsair, Silverstone or Seasonic
    Antec HCG-750 $94.99 ( before $25 MIR )
    Will do nicely, lets you crossfire 6870's if you want to.

    end of the month deal 2x4GB Gskill ripjaws 2x4GB 1.5V CAS9 1333Mhz $44.99 ( after CC EMCKCHB22 )

    There is also a $59.99 ( with CC EMCKCHB25 ) deal on a Gskill 2x4GB Cas8 1600Mhz kit which is a good option

    Also grab a DVD drive if you don't have one. Generally $20 bucks.

    Overall after rebates at least should come to less or same than the original, depending a little bit on what you pick.

    Ah and just as a comment, in case you don't have windows 7, Newegg is also running a sale on those:
    Windows 7 home premium 64-bit OEM $79.99 ( with CC EMCKCHB36 a nice $20 off)
  3. Thanks for both of your advice. Its been a while so keeping up with all the changes had me confused. From your suggestions I've come up with the following:

    Keeping the Case the same since i like the look = 49.99

    HDD: Samsung singpoint F3 = 59.99
    CPU: Phenom II X4 955 BE = 109.99
    MoBo: Asrock 870 Extreme3 = 89.99
    Video: Saphire 6870 = 174.99 (154.99 after $20MIR)
    PSU: Antec HCG 520 = 53.09 (10% off code)
    Memory: Gskill 2x4GB Cas8 1600Mhz = 59.99

    The DVD and OS I have already since I just purchased Win7 last year

    All together (minus sipping) = $578.03
  4. Looks good to me.
  5. Yes it looks nice.
  6. I am doing something very similar to what the OP said, but I was wondering. ASUS m5a97 am3+ and 955be OR p67 g45 and i3-2100? I was wondering which is better for the future? I was going with a 6770 though because I don't really play any demanding games, mainly just source games.
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