Screen Flickering issues with GeForce 9800m GS card


I've had a stock ASUS laptop for awhile now but I have been having some issues with what I think is my graphics card. When I play games or any sort of video the entire screen will randomly start to flicker black. It goes away when I move the screen down and back up. It doesn't freeze the video or game but It is extremely annoying.

I have a nVidia GeForce 9800m GS (512 mb) graphics card.

Is there anyway to fix this or is my card going down hill?
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  1. Could be the screen or your card. Is this on the built in display or is this on an external display?

    I have a similar problem on my ASUS laptop. It turns out though it is my TV. When I try to play games on it (fast moving scenery and objects), I get heavy screen tears and flickering. Or if the TV has been on for a while, it will do that regardless (probably an overheating issue with my TV).

    You said it goes away when you move your screen down and back up, that sounds to me like it is the screen.

    This is a long shot, but try to enable vertical sync on your games to see if that makes any difference. Make sure all the settings are ok. Update your graphics driver to the most updated ones (ATI/Nvidia drivers and Direct X). Also try to remove as much dust as possible from your laptop. Unscrew the panels, and use some compressed air on the fans. And/or get a vacuum, turn it on, and hold it near each vent for about 30 seconds. Especially the air vent for the graphics card.

    If you got warranty on this laptop, I would definitely RMA with a problem like this.
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