Psu for gaming rig

Hello guys.

im currently putting together a gaming rig. i have a budget of around 1000 euros. i want to play the latest games especially skyrim and bf3

heres my list :

i5 2500k
p8z68 v pro
8gb 1600mhz ram
seagate baracuda 1tb 7200rpm
win 7 64bit
gtx 560 ti ( shud i get a better one? or have 2 of these)

im still quite noob at this. so if anyone cud give suggestions. pls do thanks
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  1. 500w minimum required for one 560ti/ 700-750W for 2x.
    at the moment it's $45 with $10MIR. I've NEVER had an issue with an Antec PSU. Ever.

    Edit: good choice on those components btw. i wish i had $$$ for a 2500k build.
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