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I have the Gateway FX7026 ( ). My 8800gt just died on me. I am in need of a new GPU. I've been looking the GTS 450. I'm looking at this particular one here:

It seems to me that there are two expansions slots for new cards on top of the slot where the 8800gt used to be. There seems to be a heat sink near the expansion slots. Because of this, I am wondering if it will get in the way of the GTS 450.

I have a few questions.

1.) Is a 400 watt PSU great enough to support the card and the rest of the computer?

2.) Will the card itself fit into the case?

I would very much so appreciate these questions answered. Thanks in advance. - Additional information on the GTS 450
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    with that 450 in it you will use 356w and with 30% cap aging a 400w psu will just barely support it.

    all you have to do to figure out if it will fit is measure from the back expansion slots where the top pcie will connect and measure towards the front... if you have 8.5" of space before you hit anything youre good.
  2. The GTS 450 uses slightly less power than the 8800GT. I don't see why it wouldn't fit in that case.
  3. Alright then. Thanks for the answers. :)
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