BIOS update for ABIT IP35

Can anybody please tell me where to find Abit IP35 bios update, I have bios 14 and I'm not satisfied with it and I would like to test a newer bios, many thanks.
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  1. It seems I have version 18 and I have a double boot issue and cant use more than two memory sticks. I got the board second-hand and am not quite sure whether this Bios version is official.

    So I would also very much appreciate a link to the newest stable IP35 (not pro) Bios. Or some other hint that might solve my problem(s) (double boot is not that bad, but only two ram sticks sucks.
  2. dundan, At last I got my hands on version 18 and I think its the official release, I'm runing my c2q 2.4 on 3.0 without any increase in voltage at all and no complains what so ever, but the problem that I cant find where I DL from so if you want you can send me your email and I'll send it for you, the whole zip is 466KB
  3. Hi,
    Check this out. I came across this link.. There you can find all BIOS updates
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