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I am by no means a tech person so feedback on this issue would be appreciated. I recently started my computer and i am seeing a flashed blue error screen before windows 2003 prompt comes up. I put the original 2003 Windows disk in the drive to repair the issue. and is prompts me to a blue screen to repair windows. I do not know if Recover Counsel was previously installed. However when I run Recovery in OS it is asking for comand prompts from the list. I can not type Windows in to get to the adminstrator to run windows and I do not want to lose all my data by reinstalling windows server 2003 again. What should I do?
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  2. Before trying to repair, copy all your data using a live operating system CD like Knopix Linux. Knopix is very easy to run and using Knopix, you can copy all your data to an external drive. Then try a restore or reinstall.

    Vivian Philips,
  3. The blue screen of death can be caused my something like driver issues and even hardware failure. If there is hardware issues, doing a reload will not fix them. The problem needs to be properly isolated before you start trying to fix it. Restart the computer and press F8, select disable automatic restart after failure , and when it fails again it will stay on the screen so you can get down the error message and codes. Look into those messages and then you will have a better idea of whats going on with the computer.
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