Radeon for Home Theatre PC

What is the best AMD video card for playing HD movies on a large TV?

I am after best picture and sound quality.
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  1. 6450 / 5570 would be more than enough.
  2. for a little more performance
    a HD 6670 would be good
    but otherwise I agree with Dominaz1
  3. Not bad suggestions but be sure to keep power and thermals to a minimum. No one likes a hot and noisy htpc.
  4. I read in a THG report that anything above an HD 5770 shows no improvement I video playback so I would go with something in that realm. The other cards suggested by others should do plety fine as well.

    If you have a faint possibility of gaming on that rig later down the road I'd go with the 5770 or better, otherwise stick with the previous suggestions...
  5. well for really a 5450 about the quietest, coolest and lowest power
    if I remember right
    a MSI HD 5450 Passive barely uses anything at idle

    My tower is an office plus multimedia tower so
    I went for the HD 5670 becuase of performance vs power usage
    still wanted some light gaming capabilities

    for all out dedicated HTPC tower
    a HD 5450 is hard to beat for the money
  6. A HD 5570 will be fine. See following review regarding visual quality.

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