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Hi all :)

Long story.. My PC is 4years old HP Slimline 3505. I was trying to install a clean version of Windows 7 from an actual registered Windows 7 DVD. It would hang at the completion of Install (for 12 hours) I did a hard restart and tried to install again. This time I got a "Missing Boot mgr" error. After a day of many attempts of re-installing and different methods of booting no luck. I performed a hardware diagnostic. The results were that I had a bad or faulty memory stick. i then open the case up to see if i was capable of removing the RAM myself. I decided that i wasnt tech savy enough to remove the RAM. So i put the case back together and plugged it back in.

Now i have no video output or sound. the power supply still functions because the fans and lights still power on.

So do i need a new motherbboard?

Did i do something wrong when i opened it? Was there something i might have touch and fried it?

If any one could give me some direction that would be awesome.

P.S. I have tried to power on the PC with a single stick of RAM. Same results.
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  1. I would say the problem usually is the RAM or PSU.
  2. How many sticks of RAM do u have? Remove half of them and try it again.

    Its easy.
  3. I have 2 sticks of RAM. 1x 2GB + 1x1GB

    Since then i have gotten the courage to go in the case and remove the RAM, Air dust the slots.

    I have removed one of the sticks and powered on. I have also switched the sticks. still no video or booting.

    I assume i will have to buy a new motherboard and new some RAM. Because the old motherboard is running on DDR2 RAM.

    I am confident at replacing the motherboard now. I will hopefully use the old Intel Duo Core CPU E4700.
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    The HP Slimline only has a 160 watt power supply and is suited to only Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit) with Vista Service Pack 1 or Windows Media Center.

    This PC is definitely NOT suited to Windows 7 either 32 bit or 64 bit.

    The PSU is way too low to even power a Pentium I motherboard.

    You need a new computer and not a slimline, it is too slim on necessities.
  5. Ha ha!! I love how you didnt even sugar coat it. :(

    I used the windows compatibility software and it said it was ok. But a month after upgrading to Windows 7 my PC would go into comas instead of sleep mode. That is why i was trying to install Windows 7 Clean.

    But I am trying to execute every option with in budget before i give up and buy a new PC. I mostly used it for google-ing and youtube-ing.
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