XFX 6970 and Dell 3007WFP

I just purchased a new XFX 6970 from Frys. It's actually the second card, as I returned the first thinking it must have been defective.

I previously had a 5870 and I am using the same DL DVI-D cable that displayed 2560x1600 on the 5870 mere moments before installing the 6970.

Before installing the new card I uninstalled the catalyst suite and ran driver sweeper to clean the registry.

After popping in the new card and installing fresh 11.56 drivers, using any resolution over 1280x800 will black out the 3007WFP. I made sure that I'm plugged into the top DVI port on the card as apparently the bottom is only SL.

I'm out of ideas. I'm clearly overlooking something simple. Help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Well, I went back to Frys and bought a new DVI-D Dual Link Cable....

    I also picked up an Apple MiniDP to DVI Dual Link converter.

    The new cable still won't work with the DL DVI slot on the 6970.

    Using the converter and the old cable, everything runs fine.

    I'm at a loss but I'd still like to return this $100 adapter.

    I'm only have two displays and I'm not using Eyefinity.
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