Need Urgent Help....

I was using :

Intel i7 3770 k
Intel 330 SSD 120 GB
Gigabyte MOBO some UD3 i think ,..
GTX 560 TI

all components were new except the mobo .

i bought a ASUS Sabertooth Z77 mobo .

and after building it all up with the new mobo i started to install the windows all over again and did the drivers i got from the MOBO .

now the problem is .,

my PC does not recognize intel HD 4000 graphics !!
and i think it doesnt recognize any of the processor embedded bonuses ..

and i tried doing a "dxdiag "

and in the window i get ,

System Manufacturer : System manufacturer
System Model : System Product Name

in device manager i dont see ( Interl HD 4000 graphics any where )

and when i manually try to install the driver for intel HD 4000 , i get the message that i would when the installer thinks you dont have the product in your PC .

i updated bios to the latest in last few mins and still no changes same .,

i hope some one can help
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  1. U need to enable it in the BIOS, after u have installed the drivers.
  2. BTW, why do u need that?
  3. ill rephrase my problem , it seems my computer does not detect the advanced technologies that come with my 3770k processor .


    i tried installing drivers from intel like

    smart response
    quick start ( ssd ) / quick response

    and the Virtu Lucid graphics technology ...

    all come up with the same thing , hardware not supported!!

    casically my pc does not recognize the things from my processor .

    idk wer the problem is , the processor or mobo

    and please explain what i should enable in bios ,
  4. OK, which one of them u will use?

    If u will not use it, u don't have to install anything.
  5. Did u perform a clean install?
  6. yes clean windows 7 install !! :( and you should understand this , what is the use of having a i7 3770k processor when you cant use the technologies that come with it ...

    iam not talking about just the HD 4000 graphics , it seems all other technologies are also not working.
  7. OK, your mobo model is?
  8. sabertooth z77
  9. OK, I saw too Gigabyte MOBO some UD3.
  10. Support for 3rd generation Intel® Core processors

    Intel® Rapid Storage Technology1 [#9800ff]OK good[/#b200ff]
    With additional hard drives added, provides quicker access to digital photo, video, and data files with RAID 0, 5, and 10, and greater data protection against a hard disk drive failure with RAID 1, 5, and 10.

    Intel® Smart Response Technology Get yourself system on SSD and u are better off.
    Implements storage I/O caching for faster response times of application startup and quicker access to user data.

    Lucid Virtu?

    Are u going to ever use that?
  11. Don't install all the stuff that comes on CD!
  12. Are u going to RAID?
  13. So, which one didn't install?
  14. This is needed for HD4000

    Under VGA
    Intel Graphics Accelerator Driver V8.15.10.2669 for Windows Win7 64bit---(WHQL).
  15. nikor , i think ill explain it more clearly ....

    do you know the technologies that come with a processor? ...

    see under " Graphics Specifications"

    and " Advanced technologies"

  16. Did u installed the drivers?
  17. yes installed chipset drivers ,

    you are not understanding .,!!!

    iam saying you the system doe snot detect the hardware itself !!!

    like last time in my last mobo when i installed evertything clean , windows detected m y new cpu 3770k and downloaded updates for all technologies and HD 4000 itself and updated it !!!
  18. "iam saying you the system doe snot detect the hardware itself !!! "

    All the hardware there is to be detected is the CPU and mobo.

    If something is not , u need to install specific driver!

    The chipset drivers are not all the drivers.

    U need to tell me what feature u want to make it work.
  19. sorry iam just too frustrated, and iam saying you that not a single CPU feature is working , just the cpu is working nothing other than that
  20. OK, is the CPU working everywhere else?

    Can u go online?
  21. yes everything works fine, and i can even play games as such with my graphics card working perfectly the problem here is me not able to make use of intel technologies ..

    my guess is my mobo does not somehow detect those things from my cpu .

    as its very clear that mobo doesnt respond properly to System also in dxdiag there is no info about mobo
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