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after my xonar dg stopped being recognized by my computer, i rma'd it thinking the card was broken, i have now got the new one back but it is exactly the same, windows keeps acting like there is no sound card installed, even after i disable the onboard sound, any advice?
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  1. it is now recognising it but under device manager it says this

    Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52)
  2. drivers are probably corrupt, uninstall the currentt drivers then download the latest ones and install.
  3. hairystuff said:
    drivers are probably corrupt, uninstall the currentt drivers then download the latest ones and install.

    ive tried that ive used two of the asus versions and a uni driver that i was using before it stopped working
  4. also what are the nvidia high definition audio drivers,
  5. fixed it i have to disable driver signatures at every boot with f8
  6. ^^ SHouldn't be happening, there is no reason why the drivers shouldn't be signed. Something else has gone wrong somewhere...Using F8 is a bad idea, as it basically kills all the security the OS has.

    Totally uninstall the drivers, use driver sweeper to make sure all traces are gone, and re-install again. Also, try the Xonar Unified drivers and see if that helps.
  7. done all that still says drivers have no signature
  8. we1shcake said:
    done all that still says drivers have no signature

    Doesn't matter all that means is MS hasn't tested/certified the drivers.WHQL.
    Been using my Auzentech Forte like that for over 2yrs.
    If Asus does have WHQL drivers that's different you want those.
    You'll want to disable the gpu audio drivers in device manager.
    Desktop volume icon
    select default audio playback device
  9. i dont care if the drivers arent WHQL, but having to press f8 every single time my computer boots up is a bit annoying, also i cant get the uni drivers to install now so ive gone back to the asus ones
  10. im tempted just to buy an ssd and do a blank install, ive no idea why it suddenly stopped working like, this, the only thing ive bought recently is a graphics card but i dont see how this could be affected that was 2 weeks before aswell
  11. ^^ Only thing I can think of is the GPU Audio drivers somehow screwed up the ASUS drivers, which shouldn't be a problem because I have both the latest NVIDIA audio driver and latest ASUS Audio driver installed together without issue.

    Also, this is NOT a WHQL issue. WHQL simply means teh drivers aren't windows certified, but the drivers are still digitally signed. [Otherwise you wouldn't be able to run NVIDIA/AMD beta drivers]. And theres no way the ASUS drivers aren't signed, thats a fact.
  12. its really annoying, if anyone ever finds a fix please tell me :(
  13. Try rmoving the NVIDIA audio drivers. Shouldn't matter, but its worth a shot.
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