How do I remove a video card from P5N-E Motherboard?


I just purchased a new video card for my computer, and I can't figure out how to unsocket my existing video card. Unlike other cards that have screws, the PCI Express slot does not use a screw. Does anyone know how to take it out? I'm scared to just rip it out.

There is a blue flap on the back of the PCI-E socket (it's also blue). I've moved it up or down, and it does nothing. I guess I could apply more pressure, but it seems a bit flimsy, so I don't want to break it.

This is the motherboard I am using:

I've read the manual too, but it seems like the instructions for removing a video card are completely missing from the manual.

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  1. Some of those flaps at the back of the bottom corner of the video card move left to right and not up or down. If it looks like a fingernail then you move it sideways from the video card edge.

    The screw for the top frame might be hidden under a metal plate. Look outside of the chassis case and see if there is a cover plate (held with one screw) that needs to be removed first and if so, there won't be a screw holding the video card as the plate, like a corner hinge, holds the vidoe card metal bit.

    When you remove the video card, grasp it on the suface and not the fan or capacitors while holding the fingernail away from the video card.
  2. I don't see any screw on the top frame. In fact, the manual goes out of its way to not mention screws at all for pci-e during the installation, so my guess is that there isn't any.

    I have tried up, down, left and right - I don't think the flap is even the issue anymore. I do see where it's supposed to lock, but that isn't what is holding the card in place.

    The card just doesn't want to come out period. Maybe there's another hidden screw somewhere? I don't know. The card just doesn't want to come out - especially on the side where the vga connectors are (at the back of the case). That side is firmly wedged into the motherboard. The side closer to the Ram slots seems to want to come out a bit though.

    The card is an MSI GeForce 9600 GT:
  3. I know this is going to sad pretty sad, but I am tempted to just buy a whole new case, motherboard, ram, power supply, and cpu. This is just stupid. The card won't come out :(
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