Memory usage creeping up and invisible usage

Hi recently I have noticed that my memory usage has been creeping slowly up and up. Normally when using Chrome (so maybe its a memory leak?) but when I look to resource monitor the total memory usage shows up to 99% but when adding up the amounts of RAM that are claimed to be in use the two numbers dont add up. E.G Resource monitor says 5gb is in use 2gb reserved etc etc but wehn I add up all the memory of active programs it doesnt add up. Is there a tool out there to accurately measure usage so I can see where this usage is coming from?
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  1. Hi,

    Did you press on see all user process, if yes:

    might be a virus or chrome acting up (had problems with chrome on some computers while it works fine on other)

    Does it do the same with internet explorer or firefox (no addon)

    What are computer specs ?

    About viruses:

    Download malwarebytes and do a scan if not already done.

    Good luck
  2. Running malwarebytes now but dont think itll pick much up. Should be virus free as I'm quite careful and have nod32 running all the time. Haven't tried with other browsers but might have to give it a go. As for specs have i5 750 12gb of RAM RAdeaon HD 5750 and this has never been a problem before just recently, is there no tool out there that can just log/display which programs have been using the most RAM over time? because then it would give me an idea of where the problem is coming from.
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