Slow loading black ops 2

My laptop is a Toshiba satellite, windows 8, 8gb ram, intel 4000 graphics, cpu 1.70ghz 1.70ghz. on the map loading screen it takes so long I get kicked out for all the larger maps, also I have no red dot sights that work. I have updated drivers and verified game cache still no luck. please help
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  1. Well, Intel 4000 is your problem and 1.7Ghz is really slow. Could you post more detailed specs?
  2. Mate I really don't know anything about computers so thanks for looking into this for me, I am told the 1.70ghz is boosted by the other taking it to 2.60ghz, what specs do you need? sorry I really don't know
  3. Hi :)

    With those 4000 graphics , I am amazed it plays at all.... you wont improve it...

    All the best Brett :)
  4. thats not at all meant for gaming.
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