Thoughts on new vs. Craigslist video cards

Is it worth it to spend the extra $$ on a new video card w/warranty, being unused. Or save some $$ and buy used locally?

There's a couple cards on my local CL in Boise that seem to be a decent deal... an XFX HD 4850 for $50 that supposedly has a lifetime warranty that will get replaced if anything ever happens. And a pair of SLI gt 9800 for $100...

Thoughts and opinions on new vs. used? Trying to stay around or under $100 for a card for Photoshop/casual gaming.
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  1. The XFX will probably be transfered to you, thats part of the a double lifetim warranty.

    I would buy new, but those are pretty decent deals.

    If you are allowed to make sure they work first, and they come with documents seems good to me.

    A 4850 is aroudn a GTS 250 in performance so depending on your resolution it is alright for casual gaming.
  2. Grab that if your PSU can handle it. It will be better than the hd4850, and around the SLied cards. It's new too.
  3. Will that fit in an Asus M2N-E mobo?
  4. If you have PCI-E then you can run it.
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