HELP!! BF3 killed my PC :(

Hey guys, as many of you may know, Battlefield 3 came out yesterday and so I downloaded the 11gb file and played all day without issue (which was surprising, because my computer has been acting funky as of late). Let me step back a few weeks:

Started getting "memory management" bluescreens during the beta, sometimes I would just crash with green/pink artifacts stuck on screen with no sound, and windows would often crash doing nothing or just web browsing. So i started trying to solve this BEFORE bf3 released, to no avail. When it would crash, I would try to reboot several times, and after ten minutes of trying it would finally boot. -Leads me to think it was overheating, but its NOT! Running on a corsair all n one water cooler, stays nice n cool w/ speedfan. Video card is also cool.

1.) Tried memtest, passed. Tried 1 stick, 2 sticks, and swapped them all around, no dif.
2.) Tried readjusting all clocks speeds, memory and cpu, and testing with p95 to see if there was a power issue, passed for hours. (I forgot it was running for 5 hrs, no crash).
3. Set bios setting to auto, crashing seamed to happen less, but still happens TOO OFTEN non the less.
4.) BF3 released, first day of playing and no crashes. =) Overclocked CPU back to 3.8GHz and the GPU as well.
5.) Next day: Crash, crash, FAIL! Didn't make it to the web browser, and now it won't boot at all after trying for hours. Leading me to believe the CPU/Motherboard failed. does this sound logical?? If so which should I test first? In my experiences ive never seen an AMD processor fail like that except all at once, so I'm suspecting the Asus motherboard.

Phenom II x4 955 BE
OCZ Plat ddr3 10666 8gb
HIS Radeon 6870
500GB HDD w/ 32GB SSD
ASUS m4a8 motherboard

Thanks for the assistance. =) PLEAAASE help me get back in the game.

NOTE: I may try to talk my brother into letting me parts swap with his computer, will update if this is an option, otherwise I will be guessing in the dark.
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  1. Might be the GPU? I also had many problems with BF3 as well.
    I had way too many crashes and blue screens, problems associated with memory, overheating, directx as well.
    So I decided to format the HDD and clean install windows and reinstall drivers from scratch. Its working pretty good so far.
    I have Intel i7-860 overclocked to 4.0ghz and have 5870. I got catalyst 11.10 preview 3.
  2. Okay, well the GPU does kindof make sense the way it was crashing then wouldn't boot for 10 minutes. I will say I never had any problems when I was running on my old 5870 2gb card until I sold it to downgrade.. Will post back this evening with any results. Does anyone know if motherboard/cpu failures can crash in the same way?
  3. Memory Management BSOD's are almost always RAM related. Even though you passed a memory test, I'd still be VERY suspicious of the RAM.

    Try running with just one stick. If you BSOD, try running with the other.

    Its possible you could get this if your GPU VRAM were bad, but I'd expect a BCCode of 116 due to a failed driver restart due to timeout, and not a memory management BSOD.
  4. Try resetting everything back to stock speed. Perhaps OC'ing has taken it's toll on your CPU / GPU.
  5. Well according to you, everything was good until you OCed, maybe the CPU or the GPU are not stable and they both will cause a freeze and BSOD if not stable.
    And if you doubt the RAM to cause all this much trouble, you can swap it with your brother and see how it goes but after you said no problems with Memtest 86 i doubt that the RAM is the cause.

    So again if you're OCing the GPU put it back to default clocks and update to the latest drivers, a bad driver could cause a BSOD to occur.
  6. I reseated the video card and ram and cpu and everything and I got a boot, then:

    Runs fine in windows, everything is super cool, but crashes battlefield within 5 minutes, plays gunz without crash for hours, then all of a sudden it crashed again hard on idle. This time i can't boot, even after unhooking everything including the video card and hard drives, and their power. Im thinking the CPU should be fine, as it gets warm even though there is nothing but a black screen. Starting to lean towards a bad motherboard, since i tested my ram with 4 different sticks in different slots. Removed video card to try to boot, still nothing. All fans and leds run at normal RPMs, and since my PSU is an Antec 550w 80+ PSU, I doubt it is bad.. especially since the cpu surface is in fact warm & the motherboard had the green light still. Almost tempted to test the PSU but Im considering ordering a motherboard now. What do you guys think?

    & BTW thanks for the helpful replies, I'm appreciating all words and am looking forward to getting this figured out.
    ***ALL OC was turned to auto before the hard crash BF crash was game (over and over) that i had to CTRL ALT DELETE out of, followed by a bf3.exe has stopped working.. message.
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