Radeon 6850 + amd x4 955 vs. Radeon 6870 + amd x6 1055t/1090t

Hello,i need some of that combinations because they together have almost same price and That's how much money i have, i have 4 GB ddr 3 1600MHz ram and MB asus m4a88TD...i want to play Dota,cs,pes 2012 and newer versions of pes,and OFC i want another some games,will this configuration run games on high 2,3 years? BTW i am playing on 1280x1024 resolution...Regards
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  1. The X4 is more expensive than the X6? Or is it the HD6850 that is more expensive than the HD6870?
    Both cards are a overkill for that resolution but the X4 would handle the gaming bit better.
  2. x4 + 6870 = 300 euros
    x6 + 6850 = 300 euros too...
    ty :) btw, 6870 i more expensive logically
  3. Well you have the X4 with the 6850 in the header! The X4 955BE with the HD6870 is the better (faster) gaming setup!
  4. my misstake sry, well ty i am today getting that config :D
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