BIOS shutting down

the problem goes as follows
i can turn on the laptop for a short period of time, 15 min, early in the morning and runs ok
suddenly it turns off spontaneously and from that point it keeps shutting down in progressive shorter periods.
if i keep pushing the power button it starts just shutting down immediately until i get a 2 minute turn on and then starts again
it even happens when i get into BIOS

The fan doesn´t seem to run as it used to, but the laptop isn´t overheating

we tried another OS (Win7, Linux) and the recovery disks and still the same trouble

so the question is
Is it a software issue??
Is it a hardware issue?
have u know of similar problems?
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  1. sorry the laptop is a ACER 5920
  2. The first thing i would check is the battery.
    Otherwise does it behave like that when plugged into the wall.
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