Is my motherboard dying? Please help!

Hey guys,
I was playing bf3 today and suddenly the monitor froze up, and there was a very loud noise in my headphones. Shortly after this, my clock on Windows started to change randomly. Since then it has happened about 3 times, but some times when it happens, if I am watching a movie or looking at youtube I can still hear sound. This is the first computer I have built, so I don't have a lot of backup hardware I can use, but this build has been running fine for about 6 months.


My specs are:
i5 2500k (OC to 4.2)
8 GB 1600 DDR3 (Gskill Ripjaws)
MSI p67-GD55
GTX 560 (Gigabyte, factory overclocked)
1tb 7200rpm Seagate HD
Thermaltake 750W Bronze PSU
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  1. Sorry, I meant to post this in the MSI section.
  2. Happened again today, but this time the mouse was able to move a few seconds after the rest of the screen froze.
  3. Please help me out guys!
    Im not sure what components I need to fix :(
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