MSI Hawk or XFX 6870?

After long time deciding which GPU to buy, it has come down to these 2. I don't have alot of money and I don't upgrade my PC as often as some people. I intend to have this GPU for over 2+ years. This is why I chose XFX because of double lifetime warranty and they allow cooler changing without breaking warranty. But MSI Hawk seems quite cheep for voltage unlock and a very good custom cooler. I've had bad experience with most MSI products I've bought so I don't know if I should put trust into MSI as far as GPU's go since they 're quite expensive and I want this one to last for quite a while. Also if I won't be able to afford it which should I go for? 6850, 6790 or 5830?
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  1. I have the XFX 6870 and recommend it.
  2. I have the XFX 6870 Black edition and it failed after 4 months. I've been with out a decent graphics card for a month and they still haven't sorted out this problem. XFX support is a nightmare. Stay away from XFX. MSI is a first rate first tier vendor.
  3. Both are good, edge to the Hawk.

    What is your budget and system specs?
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