Emachine help 1st time doing this

i have a el1850-01 and i wanted to get a graphic card for it but i got a big newbie question in this >

it saids that my comp max power wattage is 220 does that mean i can't upgrade it futher or simply that it only gives out 220 max?
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  1. You'd be better off changing the power supply first. Use a 500-600w antec or corsair. 220w is good for onboard video only. The lowly 210 radeon cards aren't worth using, but they might run with your current ps. I gave mine away.
  2. but the main question i have is that on the website it saids 220 watt max does that mean i can't upgrade it btw thx for the fast response:]
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    My post mentioned the 210 chipset radeon card as the only one that might run with your power supply. 220w is the max under load. Almost any one you choose will be an improvement. Good brands: antec, corsair, seasonic, enermax, and some ocz models which I use. If you have a standard desktop case, any atx ps should fit; if it's the slim model, you may need a micro atx model. Newegg has good specs for most whether you get it there or somewhere else.
  4. It means the power supply can provide 220W of power, nearly any card needs more than that so you need to get a new PSU before getting a graphics card. I recommend a new PC as its ancient and not worth upgrading.
  5. yea i was thinking of selling this 1 but i wouldn't get much for it and if i could upgrade the power supply i guess im ok just need to find one that doesn't burn a whole in my wallet sense i also need a video card.

    p.s i rather build up the pc not much i plan on doing with it prob a little w.o.w and some fps here and there not much hardcore but messing with tech is just fun:]
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  7. so there's no limit as 2 wat psu i buy as long as it fits right?
  8. correct. You can't buy too much wattage; the board only draws the amount needed. Get an 85+ efficient ps; they use less energy.
  9. thx :D that's all i really wanted to know i have a crappy emachine so i gota make sure i can tweak it a bit wish i could sell it and build my own but i would get to little any who thx :]
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