Hello,which is faster core2duo or pentium processor


pls guide me which is faster machine and durable

compaq 610 - core2duo/1gb ram/2.0ghz processor

hp pavillion g6 -pentium R/2gb ram/ 2.13ghz processor

i will be so helpful
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  1. The Core2 will acutally be a faster processor, even though it physically is slightly slower. This is because there are 2 processors working at the same time, instead of just 1.

    But the fact that the other one has 2GB of RAM is better...

    So, I would say get the Core2 and get some more RAM
  2. Sorry Alfan we would need a little bit more information. The Intel® Pentium® name tag has been used in processors that use the same microarchecture as the Intel Core™ 2 Duo and the 1st generation Intel Core processors and now the 2nd generation Intel Core processors. If the Intel Pentium processor on the HP is a 1st or 2nd geneation Intel Core processor then it would outperform the older Intel Core 2 Duo. So if you can let us know the model #s of the process or in question we should be able to give you some better information on which is better.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  3. Mr C Wood is correct. WHICH Pentium is the question here.
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