PCIe 1x Ribbon Extension Cable (under double wide video card)

Hey all,

I have a Shuttle PC Case with two PCIe 16x slots. Since my Video card is DOUBLE wide it blocks my second PCIe slot. I'd like to install a tiny PCIe 1x eSata controller card, so I can hookup my two 5-bay eSata enclosures. The eSata port built into the Shuttle doesn't support Port Multiplier unfortunately. Adding a card will let me plug in port multiplier aware eSata enclosures.

I found and ordered a PCIe 1x Ribbon Extension cable. (same ones found all over ebay/amazon) Unfortunately, the hard PCB part of the Ribbon cable you insert into the motherboard is STILL TOO TALL and won't allow me to fully seat the Video card down into it's slot. I tried cutting/trimming down the extension I bought but it was not good enough. After several cuts, the cable is now damaged beyond repair. (I got it pretty close, but no cigar) I'm trying to find a PCIe 1x Ribbon Extension cable that doesn't have such a tall connector so my video card will fit/seat all the way down.

Where can I get an ultra short/slender/slim PCIe ribbon extension cable??

My work around is to by a MPX-3132 which is a PCI express mini controller card.

I would rather have the higher performance of the regular slot though. (6 instead of 3)
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  1. This fix is the sell my overly large squared off GTX video card, and buy similar non squared off GTX card that leaves more room above the blocked 2nd PCI slot. This way I'll have room for the ribbon cable extension and can hookup my eSata PCIe 1x card.

    I got the ASUS GeForce GTX 550 Ti (Fermi) 1GB. It's confirmed to be super silent and doesn't fully block the second PCI slot for use with a ribbon extension cable.
  2. Using a pcie ribbon is great it worked for me using a GTX 580,

    Souce: http://fbappointments.com/consumer-products/computers/143-using-a-pcie-ribbon
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