Recently sent computer in for repair as the screen kept on randomly going blank every hour or so. Then it would happen much quicker upon immediate restart after it happened. The screen would either go black and the computer would become completely unresponsive and only a reset would work. The screen would freeze and a reset was required or it would go blank and a message would come up saying the bios needed to be reset and then the date and time where wrong when entering the bios. The guy in the shop said it was working fine for almost 24 hours when he had it but as soon as I bring it home it happens again. Im not sure what tests he ran but I don't think it's heat, drivers, virus. Please someone help me because I am gonna split this pc up and sell it because it's driving me crazy.
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  1. usually wrong time and date is down to needing a new cmos/bios battery

    desktop pc ones are easily available in a jewellers or pound shop etc

    laptop ones may need to be for the specific model but are cheap on ebay

    really simple to replace in a desktop--but may be trickier in a laptop as depending on the model a fair bit of dismantling may be needed

    if the guy ran it 24 hours it probably would be fine--the battery wouldnt be needed then as its powered up--when the power is turned off then it relies on the cmos/bios battery
  2. I don't think it's a cmos issue as mobo is less than a year old. Iv'e had the computer running with all fans on high and have had no problems so far (8 hours). I used speed fan to check temps before and they never rose above 50. could it still be heat related?
  3. 50c ?

    is that on idle or under load?

    when you go to bed for the night disconnect all the power to it and if you get wrong time and date message after that i would still say replace the cmos battery

    other things to try are run memtest to check your memory
  4. I would reset the bios to factory default and see if the problem persist.
    I would also shell out @$3 or so for a new battery.
  5. computer just powered off after about two hours there:(. right now the temps are 23-33c idle, and they that were before it powered off. i don't know what the guy in the shop did because it's exact same as when i sent it. he said he had ir running for hours without a problem but as soon as i get it home it happens again. i'll try replacing the cmos battery and memtest then...
  6. just noticed that not only my pc powered off but the stereo which is connected to the ame outlet as the pc also powered off.. hmm i think i have something here
  7. Plug your unit into another wall socket.
    Obviously you have electrical issues on that circuit/breaker.
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