Need help picking out a card

So I'm very new to the hardware area but would like to upgrade my pre-built HP Pavillion PC.

I am looking to buy a 700w PSU so the power should not be a problem, however I don't really know if a graphics card is compatible with the motherboard. I don't want to buy something knowing I have to return it right back.

This is my current computer, not upgraded at all:

These are the graphics cards I am looking between, please if you know of better or cheaper suggest them:|14-121-415^14-121-415-TS%2C14-127-528^14-127-528-TS

Thanks :D
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  1. Ok,
    Could you show us the 700 w PSU??? Do not buy a generic 700 W PSU, buy a 550 W QUALITY PSU.

    A GTS 450 would be a good option, maybe too much for your CPU, but you could use it in the future.
  2. These are the two PSU's I was considering between, I saw good reviews so thought it was pretty good.|17-815-014^17-815-014-TS%2C17-815-010^17-815-010-TS

    Also if you could tell me, how do I know if a graphics card would be compatible with my motherboard?
  3. Yes you can acutally upgrade that PC.The CPU is a little weak but something like a GTS450 or a 5770 should still perform well.

    You don't need a 700watt PSU at all.Shouldn't even go over 400watts.

    The only problem that I see is that your case might be to small to fit a card like the GTS450 or 5770.

    Whats your budget for the PSU and GPU?
  4. I was thinking of spending around $300 at most on both of them.
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    Well I think we actually might have some problems fitting a good card in your PC.The thing with HP is that they like to use Micro-ATX boards(A really small and compact motherboard) in almost all of their computers which makes upgrading a pain.I helped someone before that had the same PC and they were having trouble fitting a large card like the 5770.

    I would suggest looking twards the 5670.
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  7. Thank you very much for your help. I'll probably be going with that card as soon as I know what power supply I'm getting. I wanted the 700w one because eventually I'll just try to build my own computer from scratch, and would like to scavenge some stuff off my old one :D
  8. Also I forgot to add,since i'm not sure if your motherboard's x16 lane is actaully 1.0 or 2.0 i'm just gonna assume it's 1.0 and make sure you get a 2.0 so you can avoid any problems.Their have been known issues between 2.1 cards and 1.0 mobo's,so we best stay clear of that.

    Here's what i've got so far...

    Saphire 5670 $73=$63 after MIR + $3 Shipping

    Antec 400Watt $50 + $2 Shipping(Currently Out of Stock)

    Always be sure to measure everything before your read to buy,just to make sure everything fits(also remember to turn off the computer when you do that).
  9. I doubt a 700watt PSU will actually fit in that case.

    Also your total spending would come to around $150 after shipping and some money left to spend.I would actually reccomend you upgrade the processor.
  10. I wouldn't even know where to start with a processor, I myself know how to replace a GPU or a PSU but a processor just intimidates me. I've seen it get replaced once and I'd be afraid I'd damage something haha. Also I have no clue what to look for in a processor, I know there's much more than just speed.
  11. So it looks like you already have an Athlon II dual core already in your mobo which is a AM3 socket processor.Don't know why but on the HP specifications it says only AM2+ processor can be used.I'm guessing it was orignally disgined that way but since your computer is newer they might have just updated the BIOS and put in AM3 socket capbility.

    So you can now choose a processor up to a max TDP of 95 watts.The most powerful processor you can use would be a AMD Phenom II X4 840.

    AMD Phenom II X4 840 $105 + Free Shipping

    So after you buy the GPU and PSU your at about $250 and your not even close to your budget max.After all that you should have a computer that will last you another 2-3 years.

    I think installing a processor is way more easy than installing a power supply.Their are tons and tons of helpful guides on how to do it.HP has one.
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