Upgrade and related question

I currently have this setup;

i5 2500k OC @ 4.4GHz
4GB DDR3 RAM @1666MHz
MSI GTX 560Ti Hawk
650w Powercool 80+ PSU

Just incase, I want to upgrade my PSU. One question though, is it possible that my current PSU would have caused any damage to any other of my components? The only problem I've came across is that when playing a certain game, which isn't demanding, I can hear a high pitched noise, although, it does not sound like it is originating from the PSU.

I have run MSI Kombustor and 3D Mark 11 and not heard this noise which leads me to believe that this noise is particular to this game and not when my system is under more notable stress.

UK suggestions for a new PSU?
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  1. dont know your budget but would recommend any of these--i always buy a better quality psu as its the

    most important part of your pc really

  2. Thanks, was thinking about a TX 850W. Can you answer my other question?
  3. sounds like a fan from what you describe try to recreate the noise with the side panel off to locate the noise.
  4. could be the psu

    or could be something else

    try taking the side off like dirtyferret said and see if by listening if you can narrow down the area producing the noise

    try disconnecting case fans to see if it stops

    try removing graphics card to see if it stops

    check no dust in cpu fan
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