I3 2100 vs Phenom II x4 970

Which would be the better gaming CPU? I can get both for $100 at Microcenter. And don't say anything about the Phenom II x4 955-965 as Microcenter does not have them and the 970 is the cheapest phenom.
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  1. I love AMD with all my heart...but my heart was broken with Bulldozer...but since it has nothing to do with your poll....all I gotta say is that 4 cores is better than 2. No matter if Tom's reccommend's the 2100 because of it's excellent Sandy Bridge tech. ;) Think of this however...it'll be much easier to upgrade and to also build an AMD machine for gaming, than the Intel one:P
  2. I think its 50/50 the 2100 will have very slightly better stock performance but the 970 could be overclocked to give it the edge. I would decide which motherboard you would get with each and get the one with the cheaper board.
  3. What about new games multithreaded for quad cores? Would the Phenom have a significant improvement then?
  4. Actually Piledriver(amd's bulldozer upgrade) will also work on AM3+ so an am3+ board would be a great choice for future proofing and seeing as bulldozer is designed to eventually achieve really high clocks I can see Piledriver and later iterations of the architecture being very valid.
  5. That makes no sense... If a program is multithreaded, then it should own the i3 with 2 extra physical cores.
  6. the i3 is very good, but i would still buy 4 physical cores
  7. The AMD chip can be overclocked whereas the Intel cannot.
  8. dirtyferret said:
    the i3 may have dual cores but it's quad threaded (aka Hyper-Threaded) which is why it can beat AMD quads in games, here is a review


    doesn't change the fact that it's at a core disadvantage. GAH! I need to see a BF3 Benchmark comparing them because if the i3 is better at BF3, then I'll get it instead.
  9. Seems that the Phenom does the best with a 5 FPS increase. Hmmm... however, in Starcraft, there's also a big increase from phenom to i3.... Question is.. is there a good $90 P67 mobo?
  10. In gAMING? THE one with the better gpu will win
  11. Trust me, go with the i3. Later on down the road you'll be able to get an i5 2500k for a considerably cheap price if you wait a bit after Ivy Bridge... Ah crap I'm 5 months late in answering lol.
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