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Hi i realize its a question asked many times and im probably in the wrong subsection of the forum but i thought id ask anyways....when remote accessing another computer will the spy/malicious software/viruses travel over or all the subsequent actions quarantined and and isolated in the remote program?
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    Any time you're connected to another computer over the network, there's the possibility that malware present on either system could make its way to the other system. The network is just a transport mechanism. And there's no reason malware couldn't hitch a ride using it.

    What wasn’t clear is whether you’re referring to “remote access” software, as in pcAnywhere, VNC, LogMeIn, etc., or “remotely accessing” another computer generally, such as retrieving a webpage. Tools like pcAnywhere or VNC do provide some level of isolation since the connection between systems is more restricted. But even so, you’re never completely isolated. What’s to say some piece of malware on the remote host isn’t exploiting some known vulnerability in pcAnywhere or VNC?!

    In short, the mere fact two devices are connected creates the possibility for malware to travel between them. Some situations are obviously more risky than others. The only way to be completely safe is to never be connected, at all.
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