Hdmi to gtx460 problem

hi all,
just got a small problem, i am wanting to run a hdmi cable from my gtx460 to my monitor as i am using dvi at the moment. the problem that i have found in the position of the hdmi port is clear but when trying to connect the hdmi cable it is slightly too wide with the plastic coating around it too my case.

I have a antec 902 v3, the hdmi port is about 4 mil away from the edge of the case lip by the rear expansion slot covers.

Because their is a slight lip on the antec 902 the hdmi cable will not fit as it is about 5-6 mil on the plastic coating, so without cutting out 2 mil of the hdmi cable or 2 mil of the lip on the antec 902 im not sure what to do.

does anyone have any ideas or does anyone know of a slim hdmi cable connection.

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  1. Not sure about any "slim" HDMI cables. Probably a good idea to just cut away at the case. These things happen more often than you think.
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    Which gtx 460 do you have? I can remember this topic coming up before of a user complain about a similar problem with getting hdmi to work with a gtx 460 but memory fails me this time.
  3. the gtx460 is a asus 1gb.

    the place where i would have to cut away at the case is where the holder notches go for the expansion covers.

    i have found another hdmi cable i have go that is only about 1.5mm over the case edge, so i might end up cutting a bit of the plastic off the hdmi cable, only way i can think of doing it.

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