Need Help Upgrading..

Heyy Everyone, My OS is windows vista home 32bits.
Im wondering how do i upgrade it to a 64bit?
and if so what new motherboard, processor,power supply and graphic card, i should buy for it.
I Have a HP Pavilion a6400f PC. Thank you, if anything message me. Thank you.
Should i Invest? I just need it to play online games, not for business.
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    Hi. I've looked up your PC specs here => and I can see you have a 250W Power Supply. Because this is an HP box, trying to upgrade *everything* is not going to be cost-effective, nor bring satisfaction. Either build a whole new PC, or else fit a medium-power PCI-e card (GTX550 max) and see how that performs for the online games you want to play. The worse that could happen is that you blow the feeble power supply and have to replace it with something better. HOWEVER - check power supply options and costs with HP first, because I'm not so sure that a generic PSU will fit in an HP case. Seriously, trying to upgrade HP (or DELL) PC's is a pain-in-the-ass because they rearrange the 'fit' of everything so that you have to go back to them to upgrade stuff. The 3 GB's of RAM in your HP box is enough, and I would not upgrade to WIN7 64bit unless building a new box with more than 4GB of RAM. The difference between 32-bit and 64bit on that HP PC would not be noticeable at all. One other thing - BEFORE paying for a video card to go in your HP, make sure it will physically fit in. I have a Dell that only takes a single-slot card. Good luck.
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  3. Thank you! will take your advice in buying a new one. Do you Recommend any good one? let say 8gb ram? n a good video card?
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