CPU Fan Error (Asus P8Z68-V)


Sometimes (probably 40% of the time) when booting I get a "CPU Fan Error". When I go into the BIOS it shows the fan running fine (not fluctuating at all) and I can simply quit out of the BIOS and restart which fixes it always.

I have tried lowering the fan speed warning, and have even removed it, but to no avail.

Anyone have an ideas? The fan is correctly plugged in (otherwise it wouldn't show a speed at all).

Fan: Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro


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  1. Sounds like either a faulty sensor on the MB or in the fan assembly. As long as it's running, I would ignore it. If it really bothers you, get a new fan/heatsink.
  2. I too had the similar problem with Asus P8Z68-V PRO motherboard which was working fine till date. All of a sudden it started giving problem of CPU Fan Error. In the BIOS setup I found that the entry against CPU Fan was "N/A". I updated the BIOS and the problem rectified atomatically :)
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