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MSI GTX 560Ti vs Palit GTX 560Ti

2Gb Palit GTX 560Ti vs 1Gb MSI GTX 560Ti Twin Razor II Gold

I will be buying 2x of these cards for a workstation and gaming 3D Surround.

Both seem like good cards, so the dispute isn't reliability. Both are OC and it seems that the MSI has an advantage there. The core clocks are about the same, so the real debate is get 2x 1Gb cards or 2x 2Gb cards.

Any thoughts? 4200Mhz(MSI) effective vs 4008Mhz (Palit) really that big of a difference?
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    for surround 3d i would suggest the 2gb palit. the higher the resolution the more VRAM you want.
  2. MSI and don't look back, Palit has made some very flaky cards in the past and they have barely improved since their gtx 460. No power vrm cooling at all, no vram cooling at all but at least the msi has a great cooler. Neither card will truly last in the long run.
  3. if you dont want to go with the 2GB palit then get these
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