Gateway FX 6800-01e BIOS Update from Gateway Unsupported

Could someone help me upgrade my system bios in my Gateway FX6800-01E ?I CAN'T GET GATEWAY TO HELP ME . I'm asking if someone could e-mail me & in laymen"s terms on how to step by step update my bios.

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Thanx : )
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  1. Whats wrong?
  2. This is old one from theyr web.

    R01.B0 928.2 KB 07/13/2010
  3. But be careful! f u will use wrong one, than u may not fix that anymore.

    So double check, that your version is compatible with BIOS u want to use.
  4. I have that version RO1-BO installed. I wanted to know if I needed to change anything else in my bios.I know that's probably a difficult question cause you don't have my pc to check it. like Intel EIST-DISABLED??????-Thank you very much for your time& your answer.
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