[Power Supplies] Can it run this efficiently?

Hello all.

I've recently upgraded my PSU from a 220w to a 300w. I'm running a HD 6570 (Low Profile Version) and I can literally smell something..

Could it be my PSU burning up? or all of the heat it's generating?

I have a HP Slimline s5120f, with the stock case.. and as I've read, it wasn't designed to have very good airflow.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?
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  1. What PSU replaced the stock PSU?
  2. My 300w PSU.
    The Brand Is Sparkle Power.
  3. This one http://www.sparklepower.com/pdf/SPI300A8AG.pdf looks impressive but not necessarily better than your original 250watt looking at the normal load column! It though should handle your system fine. Smell is normal just after you start using a new PSU but should disappear in a day or two!
  4. Found a review of the 250watt version from them and it is OK http://www.silentpcreview.com/article815-page2.html
  5. Alright.. Thanks.. Was worrying me.
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