Bought a bluetooth keyboard, but....

I have an EVGA X58 SLI LE 757 motherboard, Windows 7 64 bit ultimate

I just bought a Microsoft Mobile 5000 T4L-00001 Black USB Bluetooth Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard.

I opened up the package and found out that there's no USB receiver. I did the instructions and my computer can't detect the keyboard since the motherboard doesn't have bluetooth built in.

What are my options here? I can't return the keyboard and now I'm using an RF wireless keyboard that has unreliable performance. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so good.
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  1. Get this one.
    AZiO BTD-V201 Micro Bluetooth Adapter USB 2.0

    was: $29.99

    Protect Your Investment!
    1-year extended warranty $5.99 $4.99. (more options)
  2. Or this one.

    ASUS USB-BT211 Mini Bluetooth Dongle USB 2.0

    $12.99 -> $7.99 after mail-in rebate card
  3. Thanks, bought the Asus one.
  4. Good luck!
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