Looking for an ITX Z68 system

Anyone have any suggestions on where to find prebuilt ITX Z68 form factor gaming systems? :heink:

Seems it so new that I have yet to see who's building systems. Zotac finally released their new ITX Z68 mobo in the US, although noted as Out of Stock on NewEgg.


I checked out Digital Storm, CyberPower and iBuyPower, none of which have anything listed yet.

Any help is appreciated!
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  1. I did find one build and that's the only company I can find ... or so it appears.

    http://www.foxteknology.com/index. [...] duct_id=21

    Anybody know if there's anyone else building systems using an ITX Z68 mobo?
  2. Anything? Recommendations, ideas?
  3. I do have another thread going in the Intel section as well, but thought I'd cover my bases by posting this as well.

    Looking @
    i5 processor
    maybe a 6850 gpu
    1TB hdd
    120GB SSD
    Windows Premium
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