Computer is acting strange. Please help!

It seems to be running fine now but I'd like to know wtf happened and if it should be something to worry about. It seems to be something with my motherboard and it's usb ports. I will start out by saying that I have an usb mouse and whenever I start or reset my machine it doesn't work. No lights on it or anything. I have to unplug it from the usb and plug it back in to have it work. SOMETIMES it happens with my keyboard as well. (No matter what usb they are plugged into) Once I do that it is fine until the computer has to restart again. That is why I usually put it to sleep instead of shutting down.

Anyways after finally playing the awesome DayZ mod I exited game and put my computer to sleep at 3:00am. I woke up today and came into the office where I found my computer on. fans on. monitors blank and the lights orange (on the monitors) instead of blue. I said ok and turned off my computer. I waited a few seconds to turn it back on. I hit the button and all the fans turn on but the monitors are blank still. It doesn't post. It doesn't do anything. I repeat the process a few times. Nothing. I go to unplug my computer's power source and all the usb ports and plug them back in. Pressed the button and it finally posts but I get this message "Warning! CPU has changed. Please re-enter cpu setting in cmos setup and remember to save"

I hit del on my keyboard and it doesn't do anything. Well, this is one of those times that my keyboard doesn't work so I have to unplug it and plug it back in. it works. I go in bios and just go to save and quit. It fixes and goes to the starting windows screen. After that the screen goes blank again and the lights on my monitors turn orange. I was getting ready to press reset again but I hear a click and the image starts to glow on the screen. It is exactly how I left it when I put it to sleep. The same webpages, everything! For one.. I unplugged my computer. How is that even possible? I am confused at that. My computer starts going slow as hell though. I reset it and it starts up like nothing happened.

What is going on? Why did it do that? What can I do to prevent that from happening again? Do I need a new motherboard? Is my CPU still over clocked? (I don't understand the OC stuff but I managed to get mine)
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  1. I r poor. I hope it isn't bad heh. Yea the mouse works great in another computer. It is my fiancee's old mouse when she got a new one a couple weeks ago. The front USB works fine. It is only the slots on the back. If it was the mobo wouldn't still not work when I plug my stuff back in? I'm so confused on this one. What would make the usb ports work by unplugging/replugging? I've had this computer for 2 to 3 years now. I am thinking more like 3. and it seems like it is ONLY the mouse **the keyboard only like 2 or 3 times** I have 2 other things in my usb slots (I switched usb slots with my mouse and my headphones and the same thing happened) but the stuff plugged into the other usbs work fine. my external / headphones. Gah! I hate computers sometimes.

    I am using the razer naga mouse and the G110 logitech keyboard.

    I know the front usbs are working fine cause i have my 360 controller plugged into it. I have the 360 controller (front usb) mouse, keyboard, external, headphones (back usb) my external or headphones never have a problem. It seems to be just the mouse and sometimes keyboard. I thought maybe just those USB slots they are plugged into so I switched them around some but I got the same problem.

    Would problems with the usb cause the computer not to load? Will it cause that warning that it gave me earlier?
  2. I'm pretty suspicious of your power supply, the mobo would be my next guess. Can you list your specs? (especially the PSU model and wattage, and the mobo, GPU would be good to know as well)

    When you got the CPU settings warning, you did lose your overclock.
  3. I didn't lose my overclock. looking more into the problems I found out that it wasn't my usb/motherboard and that it is a problem a lot of people have with the razer naga. Had to turn off some power options in the device manager/update the mouse firmware/update the mouse drivers. Everything works fine now after that. Still don't know why I walked in here in the morning with the fans on to a blank screen. Still don't know why I got that CPU has changed error (Don't even know what that means) I will just say that it was a fluke. for now. until something else happens.
  4. ATI HD7xxx series?=update to 12.7beta this helped me-my pc used to freeze when the monitor went to sleep.
    Asus mobo?=well see if your bios is up to date it might help-with my old bios when i plugged in my kbd which is with 2x usb (1 for backlight), my pc used to freeze @ boot and this was because of the usb which is for the backlight. After the latest update it freezes sometimes only when i mess with overclocking.
    Razer Naga+Anansi user.
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