New build no longer beeping

So I recently built a new computer.

My build:

I5 2500K
Hyper 212+ (2 fans push-pull setup)
Asus P8P67 Pro mobo
MSI Geforce GTX 570 twin frozr
Corsair 950W psu
G Skill 8GB ( 2x4GB)
HAF 932 case
2 x 1TB WD hdds
1 x 160GB Seagate hdd

When I first put everything together the computer started and went to the BIOS. I checked that all three of my HDDs and both RAM sticks were recognized. I ran memtest86+ for about 2 hours and got no errors. I initially had a problem with the CPU running idle at 48 C. I asked on the forums what I should do...ended up reapplying the thermal paste. Dropped the CPU temp down to 44C.

About 20 minutes or so after putting the cooler on again, the monitor turned off. Now I can't get any video from the computer. The monitor works with my laptop so that rules the monitor out. I checked to make sure that the mobo was plugged in with both the 24pin and 8 pin psu connectors. The video card is also seated correctly.

So now when I turn on the computer, I get no system beep. ALL the fans (even the two on the video card) are spinning. The green LED on the mobo is also lit. Where should I go from here?
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  1. I have the same problem, except that on top of that, I also have 3 red LEDs flashing...
  2. So I saw the list of things you should do before posting here...sorry :(. I unplugged everything from the mobo except cpu/cooler and psu. I got a long beep then two short beeps. I plugged in one ram stick and got no beeps. I tried it with the other stick and same thing. Memory problem?
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