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I've upgraded to the XFX 8800 GT alpha dog edition. I apparently didnt do homework before purchasing it. So I did some research in regards to the fan speed on that graphics card. It seems to be on 100% on most of the time. From some information i found, it seems to me that when XFX made that card, they were drunk and made 2 variations, where one, you cannot control the fan speed. The one that i have has a 2 pin next to the SLI connector ( cannot change fan speed)

I also found different solutions to this problem, where some said use the buy a different stock fan for it, or use a fan controller. So my question is if i use the fan controller, does it require a 2 pin or a 3 pin connection?

Also would there be some cheaper alternative solutions?

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  1. I've had Zalman VF900's on my 8800GT's since day one, much quieter even running at 100% fanspeed which they have also been at since day one because I couldn't be bothered to fit the controller.
  2. Does the Zalman VF 900 work on a 2 pin fan controller?
  3. No, it's a 3 pin plug that you can plug into a fan header on the motherboard or use the molex adapter that it comes with it.
  4. I've had an Akasa Vortexx Neo installed on an EVGA 8800GT for about 2 years. It's extremely quiet, and is nearly identical to HIS's ICEQ-3/ICEQ-4 cooler designs. The trouble with these coolers is, they're almost impossible to find in North America. You may have better luck if you're in Europe, though.

    It (like the Zalman) uses a 3-pin connector and comes with a 3-pin to 4-pin MOLEX adapter. Unfortunately, it's accessory kit doesn't included any sort of heatsink(s) for the VRM of any card which it fits. I'd advise ordering some low-profile heatsinks from Scythe, Enzotech, or Zalman separately.
  5. Someone recommeded me Thermalright hr-03 gt and Zalman VF-1000, would those be compatible with my graphics card?

    Thank you for your responses.
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