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2 PCIe Ports and SLI Question

There are a few motherboards that I am going to choose from to build for my first gaming rig but I have a question. Since a SLI setup requires 2 PCIe ports, on the filtering sidebar, it has a choice of 1,2 PCIe ports etc, and SLI, Crossfire, etc. Would any motherboard with 2 PCIe ports be SLI compatible or do I have to buy one that supports SLI because the selections with the 2 PCIe ports are less expensive than the ones in the SLI category.
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  1. It has to support SLI.
  2. So if a motherboard has 2 PCIe ports but isn't crossfire or sli compatible, the second slot is useless?
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    PCIe not only used for video cards, you can use those slots for other devices.

    its not useless you can use multiple video cards to get multiple monitors,
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