AMD Athlon 64 3.7GHz 3700+?

Hello everyone

I know this is old school...but I'm trying to get my old system back up and running, until I get settled back in

Saw this posted, so I got curious... "AMD Athlon 64 3.7GHz 3700+ (ADA3700DAA5BN) Socket 939 1MB L2 cache OEM CPU"
Is there any truth to this?

Thank you in advance
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  1. With a major OC, yes, it COULD be truth
  2. its actually a sly dig at intel... amd 64 3700+ was saying this chip will perform like a Pentium 4 @3.7ghz but would actually run at ablout 2.4ghz newer versions ran at 2.2ghz

    if your looking to buy it the amd 3700+ isnt a 3.7ghz part it would be lucky to get to 3ghz on a hefty oc. the person who is selling it is using sales crap to fool the unwary...
  3. What could I do OC wise with my old (but well used) AMD FX-57? keep getting warning High percentage of processor used, get occasional freeze up, end up rebooting

    Thank you in advance
  4. Socket 939 3700+ was 2.2GHz. Your FX 57 was the fastest chip made for 939 but the problem was/is that it is only a single core.
  5. with very good cooling you may get 400mhz-500 mhz if your very lucky. remember this is a very old cpu on a much bigger dye so much less efficient.
  6. The OP is referring to a listing of a stock OEM part. Not an OC'd part. However, it did break 3.7 Ghz with OC at least once. Supercooled of course.

    That particular part was a 2.2 ghz on 90nm node. As others have stated, there were no 3.7 ghz Athons.
  7. rolli59 said:
    Socket 939 3700+ was 2.2GHz. Your FX 57 was the fastest chip made for 939 but the problem was/is that it is only a single core.

    Not true. Either by overall speed or clock speed.

    The FX-60, a dual core 2.6 GHZ processor was faster overall as was its opteron 185 counterpart. There appears to have been an opteron 190 dual core at 2.8 ghz. The socket 939 opteron 156 was a single core that ran at 3.0 GHZ was the fastest clocked part on the socket.
  8. Thanks for the heads up everyone figured to good to be true..

    Things are getting unstable with old setup, Will have to build new one, what would you suggest, Want to do a good gaming rig, Would like to stay with AMD and ASUS and get 4+GHz...Your input is valued.. and appreciated.

    Thanks you in advance

    I'm currently running (my old system)

    Mobo: ASUS A8N SLI Deluxe
    CPU: AMD FX-57 San Diego /OC 3.02GHz
    Video: 2 EVGA 8800 GTS
    Memory: 3Gb Corsair XMS
    HD: 10K WD Velociraptor
    Power supply: 850W
    Monitors: 3 25" HP
  9. A 955 might get you 4ghz, everything of course depends on the specific CPU you get... I have a 1090t, and OC it to 4.1 just by upping the multiplier and its stable, took me like 1 minute. Although bulldozer is getting a lot of hate right now, it still can easily OC over 4ghz, but is priced higher than it should be. If you decide you will deal with intel, might as well get the i5-2500k since it is a great CPU and right now cant be beat, and is an overclockers dream, or so I have read lol
  10. An Intel I5 2500K setup would be the most logical for gaming performance but if you want AMD;
    990FX AM3+ motherboard (SLI/Crossfire support)
    Phenom II X4 9xxBE CPU
    2 x 4GB DDR3 1600 ram
    GPU of choice minimum GTX560Ti or HD6950
  11. Thanks everyone for your help, looks like I'm going have to build a new rig

    <S> to all
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