Hand me down e6600 with new mobo or what?

Hey all! I recently rebuilt and upgraded my whole system. In doing so, I started building my father and mother a "hand me down" system with the older parts. This was by no mean a "junky" system, but what was going to be a simple build is turning int a nightmare... long story short: I had the intel core 2 duo e6600 paired with the asus pn532e-sli board.. when I removed the old bracket for water cooler, I basically destroyed the board... I know, I know... so now my dilemma: I have great ddr2 ram, a beaut of an old chip, and some other various parts with no board! Can someone recommend a board? I've seen it said that socket 775 is dead...but I love this chip! Can it be saved? Or should I just scrap it and upgrade the folks to a cheap newer chip (and board and ram an...etc..) ??? They do very basic computing, with the most complex tasks being my mother's spreadsheets for school.. help!!
Thanks in advance,
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  1. No need for a complete new system. Socket 775 may be dead for new systems, but you're right in that the E6600 is a great little CPU. Just getting a new motherboard will save you plenty of cash over buying a new core system and still give the folks a good system to work on.

    Looking on Newegg, there are plenty of Socket 775 motherboards with 1066MHz FSB, though I probably wouldn't spend more than $60.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Thanks for reply, Wolf. Sorry, I was away for the weekend and had posted the question right before we left. 'Appreciate the time you took to answer. I was looking on Microcenter's website (I'm in Philly and there is a store right nearby... I'm also extremely impulsive and hate waiting for shipping once I make a decision to purchase :) LOL) and only saw a few options that were both 775 and DDR2... actually, only one, the Micro board that everyone's using for HTPCs nowadays. But to be honest, I think my question comes more from the fact that I love the chip so much that I secretly want to just buy my folks new components (cheap) and use the 6600 in a recycled home server build that I am planning. :) Thanks again for your reply.
  3. Most of the new LGA775 motherboards use DDR3 RAM.
  4. jsc said:
    Most of the new LGA775 motherboards use DDR3 RAM.

    Yeah i saw that... that was kinda the reason I asked the question in thefirs plce...
    Sorry for typing... cell phone lol... so what should I do??
  5. Unless the DDR2 compatible motherboard you found at MicroCenter is more expensive than a new Socket 775/DDR3 motherboard AND new DDR3 RAM, I don't see why you would even consider it. The idea here is to spend the least amount of money so you can cheaply re-utilize a good component. DDR3 memory isn't going to give you that much of a performance boost and for your intended purposes (home server), I seriously doubt you'd notice any difference.

    I would state, however, that you should have a very clear idea of what you want this system to be capable of. Since we are talking older technologies, there can't be any last minute decisions to add on. For instance, don't purchase this socket 775 board and then later decide you want to need to utilize USB 3 and SATA 6.0 drives.

    -Wolf sends
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